Welcome to the Tenants Page!

Welcome to the Tenants Page!

Your tenant portal makes paying rent and placing maintenance requests easy! If you are unable to log into your tenant portal and you have signed your lease - please call our office (253-537-6500) during business hours for assistance.


Whether you’re relocating due to employment changes, downsizing because the kids have finally gotten their own place, or you’re experiencing a transition of another sort, NRB Property Management, LLC is here to assist you.

Because we cover so much of the Greater Puget Sound area, you’ll find that you have many options in housing locations.  Additionally, we manage both single family homes and multi-family dwellings.

Don’t let credit be an issue.  We work with many varieties of credit problems.  Sometimes we can overcome them by asking for an increased security deposit.  Other times it may be a co-signer that’s needed.  And sometimes it’s just a matter of giving us an explanation of how things happened.  We understand that bad things can happen to good people.  Check out our guidelines located under FAQ, Rental Criteria Tab, and then decide if you’d like to apply for one of our listings.

We invite you to take a trip through our Properties For Rent listings and discover for yourself what we have to offer.  We can hardly wait to hand you the keys to your new home!

Happy house hunting.

Your NRB Family


Rental Assistance Update

June 2021 

Some of you may be already served or are currently being served, but many of you are in the queue to be served. We know this waiting period is stressful and that you are all faced with hardships due to the nonpayment of rent and utilities. Please know that we are processing applications daily and our nonprofits providers are working very hard, but we have experienced some delays.

We are experiencing delays for the following reasons:

  • Contracts with our funders were delayed.
  • We must prioritize households per Treasury requirements.
  • Sheer volume of applications. We have received over 10,000 applications to date and there is a lot of need in the community.

Please know we are not even close to being out of funds. We wanted to reach out to just let you know that your tenants are in the process (as long as they hit the submit button). 

Also, we wanted to remind you that if your tenant leaves the unit, for any reason, that unit is no longer eligible for payment. If you evict them (once the moratorium ends), if the tenant abandons the unit, if their lease is up and they don’t know it’s month-to-month -- that unit is no longer eligible for payment. We ask that you encourage your tenants to stay so we can pay their past due rents and utilities and to get folks stable.

We know this is just as stressful for you as it is for renters and understand that landlords are greatly impacted by this pandemic as well. Please be patient with us as we process applications and please encourage your tenants to stay put.

Remember, if you have any questions, please reach out to our team via email, and we will get back to you as quickly as possible: HSrent@piercecountywa.gov

Thank you,

Pierce County Rental Assistance Program