Welcome to NRB Property Management

We are a Full Service Real Estate Firm. Our specialty is residential Property Management. In addition, we offer Buyer and Seller Representation for Real Estate Sales. Our success is evidenced by our growth. We are proud to service all of Pierce County, North Thurston County and South King County. From our humble beginnings, NRB has truly become the trusted property management company in South Puget Sound. Business continues to boom and as a result we now employ a staff of eighteen amazing individuals! We are so proud of our staff, and you can count on them to assist you with anything you need!

We are now one of the busiest property management firms in Western Washington. We define our success by the work we perform, the satisfaction of owners for whom we provide our service, and the tenants we represent. It isn't about the dollars for us. It's about the service and confidence the people instill in us. We're hoping that you'll place your trust in our amazing service as well. There are hundreds of property owners that rely on our expertise, speed and communication. As a prospective tenant you’ll want to take a look at our current available listings. We only manage nice units, so feel confident that you are moving into a clean home free of worry. If you're a property owner looking for that "right fit" in management style, give us a call. You'll find us fast to respond, honest, friendly, and reliable.

Take solace in knowing our entire pricing structure up front, compared to other companies, who want you to call them for a quote. We do everything black and white to help our owner's bottom line. Oh, and there's one more thing... our referenced pricing structure is VERY competitive compared to any of our competition. Call Randy Schell, owner and Property Manager at 253-537-6500 for a personal chat or to schedule an appointment to list your property. WARNING! Once you make that call things move quickly so you’ll want to be prepared. Take a look at what our recommendations for your initial appointment on the owners portal. While you’ll be proud to have the NRB Property Management sign in front of your home, don’t get too used to it, our listings tend to rent quickly!

Please email me (Randy Schell) information regarding your property at Randy@nrbproperties.net (location, vacant/occupied, any undergoing maintenance, etc is helpful). We are happy to assess the rental value and will aggressively advertise your property through multiple channels. Perhaps what you really want is to manage the property yourself. We can make that happen too with our Tenant Placement Program. Given the many complex legal issues involved in rental management in Washington State, having someone by your side that understands what’s needed is critical to your success. Let NRB take care of those worries for you. We look forward to working with you! If you look at this as a partnership, it is going to help alleviate a lot of worry for you. NRB will handle EVERYTHING on the rental aspect, so all you have to worry about is your move! Call our owner references and speak to others doing the same thing!